CITYLights 2019      (OCT 5-6, 2019) 

This years art installation will be collaborated with local Canadian artist group LeuWebb Projects. 


LeuWebb  Projects  is  the  creative  union  between  artists  Christine  Leu  and  Alan  Webb, through  which  they mobilize their professional design backgrounds to produce moments of beauty in the public realm. Since 2011, they have created more than 20 site-specific artworks across the world. With each piece, Leu and Webb summon their  shared  artistic  and  architectural  expertise in exploring  how  a  site’s  qualities  can  serve  as  metaphors  for storytelling and critical discourse. They fuse this expertise with their core interests: to imagine how art and design can tangibly evoke past, current, and future narratives for a richer experience of place.  
LeuWebb’s  artistic  practice  operates  at  a  range  of  scales  and  their  curatorial  and  original installation  and sculpture projects have garnered international attention for ingenuity and resonance, both in form and concept. Light, texture and sound are key components of their practice that they weave together through the innovative use of materials and responsive technologies to create art that is not only seen, but also experienced. 
Meet LeuWebb Projects at: 

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November 27, 2017

CITYLights Toronto invites Toronto students and young professionals in the fields of lighting design, architecture and interior design to create a site-specific Nuit Blanche installation that will illuminate public space, public art, and buildings. Participants divide...

September 18, 2012

The notion that ‘space is defined by light’ allows us to explore the possibilities that lead to light enabling us to see, stimulate, and excite us, in turn provoking a response. Without light, the architectural space would be unrecognisable. This leads us to the frame...

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